It's time for your favorite time of the week, your chance to weigh in on new music here at Radio Texas, LIVE! This week the new single from Bart Crow "Dandelion" goes up against Stoney LaRue's "Travelin' Kind." All you have to do is listen to both and vote for your favorite.

First up Bart Crow. This week Crow released the second single and title track off the album "Dandeilion." The first single, "Little Bit of Luck" topped the Texas charts this past September. Can "Dandelion" follow in it's footsteps? Only time will tell, give it a listen.

And in this corner it's Stoney LaRue. Stoney, who will be coming to East Texas November 24th, released his long awaited and current album "Velvet" last year, and brings to the contest "Travelin' Kind" the third single off it. And he looks to continue the radio success he had with "Velvet" and "Look at Me Fly," both of which went to No. 1 in Texas. Here's the new one.