It's time for another RTX New Music Challenge. This week Flint, TX product William Clark Green's latest goes up against a new one from Granger Smith. Personally, I like both these guys. And personally, I REALLY like both songs. Good thing I don't have to decide between them. You do.

First up the reigning Texas Regional Radio Music Award Newcomer of the Year, William Clark Green. His previous single saw him team with Josh Abbott on an outlaw type of song in "Catch Me if You Can." In his new one Green, who's music career began in Lubbock, TX while he attended Texas Tech, get's a bit more personal. Give "It's About Time" a listen.

Next it's Granger Smith. Granger's built a strong career on live shows and good music. He's known as much for that as he his for his love of our military. Granger's performed three USO tours in Iraq, at the White House for then President Bush, and most recently organized an annual 100 mile walk from S. Austin to Fort Hood to raise money and awareness for our military. His new single is "We Do it In a Field." Look I wrote a whole blurb without mentioning Earl Dibbles Jr.