A senior Salvation Army official said in an interview that all non-celibate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual people should be put to death -- a statement that's quickly making its way around the world.

Major Andrew Craibe out of Australia told a group of LGBT journalists his beliefs aligned with that of the Salvation Army's -- and when these journalists asked him if LGBT people deserved to die, and Craibe says yes.

Here's some text from the interview:

Ryan expressed incredulity that the official Salvation Army handbook cites a scriptural passage which calls for the execution of LGBT people, and asked Craibe how he would respond to a hypothetical LGBT person receiving guidance from the Salvation Army who discovers the homophobic citation (around the 7:00 mark).

And that leads into the interview:

SERENA RYAN: . . . that says, according to the Salvation Army, that [they] deserve death. How do you respond to that, as part of your doctrine?

CRAIBE: Well, that’s a part of our belief system.

RYAN (cutting in): So we should die.

CRAIBE: You know, we have an alignment to the Scriptures, but that’s our belief.

You can listen to the full interview here (and read the complete story here):

How do you interpret the comments? Do you think they are appropriate or taken out of context?