American Idol was all about Motown last night! When I heard them announce the theme for the show, I thought, just like most of the country fans rooting for Scott McCreery, that this could be a tough one for our favorite country contestant! tough! Get more scoop at Taste Of Country.

Just the notion that it’s Motown Week on ‘American Idol’ made us start gnawing on our cuticles in nervous anticipation of how country music’s ‘Idol’ Scotty McCreery would rise to the occasion. McCreery admitted that he didn’t grow up with Motown music, but that didn’t stop him from tackling the challenge, as he opted to sing Stevie Wonder’s ‘For Once In My Life’ with a twangy, country flair.

Being the consummate pro that young Scott has already become, he took on the song with confidence and yes, a little 'country' style! This was not his strongest performance, but like Jennifer Lopez said, 'When you hit the low notes, you have me!' In fact all the performers last night  did a pretty good job. A few  contestants struggled,  including cutie Stephano Langone with Lionel Richie's "Hello." Quirky Paul McDonald with guitar in hand,  took on 'The Tracks of My Tears' with ease and made it his own. Stand outs were, rocker James Durbin,  Pia Toscona, and gossip singer, Robert Lusk.  I wonder who will be voted off tonight? What do you think is in danger of leaving the show?