Really? Someone actually walked up to my front porch and stole my pumpkins! Yep, my pumpkins. These just weren't like other pumpkins. These pumpkins were hand-picked, by me, for their size, shape and of course, stem.I realize it was just a few pumpkins that were taken, but what unnerves me is the fact that someone just brazenly took them. Walked through my yard and took them. Where does that kind of thinking come from? They just took the pumpkins and let my festive flag, scarecrow and one little pie pumpkin, which leads me to believe that it was some kids just wanting them to smash.

I can, and will, replace the pumpkins, but what will they take next? Just a week ago my neighborhood was pelted with eggs. Somehow our car missed the egg throwing, but many of my neighbors vehicles were hit hard. Is this just a case of bored teens or is this vandalism?

Well, I'm back on the search for some good lookin' pumpkins, wish me luck! I guess I should chain them down this time.