It's been a while since we've had a new original album from one of the biggest names in Red Dirt, Stoney Larue.  In fact, 2005 was the last (and only) time we got a studio album from the talented Okie.  But it must be noted that he has been able to build and sustain a very loyal and very big fan base purely on the greatness of his one studio album and amazing live albums and concerts, which understandably might be a little hard to live up to.  Just in case you aren't up to date on your Stoney Larue discography here's a brief (Oklahoma) breakdown --haha!

2002's 'Downtown' featured: Texas Moon, Feet Don't The Ground, Shot Full Of Holes

2005's 'The Red Dirt Album': Down In Flames, One Chord Song, Idabel Blues, Forever Young, Bluebird Wine, Solid Gone

2007's 'Live At Billy Bob's' gave us: Oklahoma Breakdown, We're Going Down The Road Feelin' Bad

2010's 'Acoustic Live': Which was all remakes of classic songs

Stoney called in to Radio Texas Live not too long ago and let us know to expect the album, he said then the single would be out in June, but looks like it'll be July --here's the audio.

Maybe the most anticipated album in Texas/Red Dirt history...  Only six years after his first studio album... just four years after Billy Bob's, Stoney is back with his second studio album 'Velvet' in August and the first single and title track 'Velvet' WILL be out to radio next week --and I couldn't be more excited!

In the mean time, though --here's 'Oklahoma Breakdown' from Stoney's Live At Billy Bob's album.