There is no doubt that Hurricane Sandy was a huge devastating storm, destroying cities and leaving others barely limping. In all the destruction and mayhem, tons of brides were left without churches or reception halls to have their weddings that were set for last weekend and this weekend.Tons of brides are scrambling to get their weddings together after the storm Sandy ruined everything. Brides are calling their churches and flower shops and many are finding them under water or completely destroyed. Help!

Can you imagine planning your wedding for the past year, making sure everything is perfect with all your "I's" dotted and your "T's" crossed? Many have hundreds of guests invited and no where to go.

There is some help -- The Knot Facebook page is reaching out to brides who are definitely in a pickle. Offering solutions and suggestions on flowers, reception halls, churches available, music and more. The Facebook is also getting posts from people offering up wedding gowns.

I also read a story today about a young New Yorker teen, who was one of the few New Yorkers that did not lose their power. So this teen girl decided she wound set up a so-called "charging" post, to help folks use her family's power to charge their generators, phones, etc. Amazing!

You know, in times of awful tragedy in our country, Americans always rise to the occasion. America may have its problems, but we are still the most incredible country in the world!