During the holidays, many of our military have to spend it without their families. Well the students at Longview's J.L Everhart school decided to make Christmas cards for those who will not be home for Christmas. Each student made a card by hand with a special holiday greeting and a big thank you for their sacrifice. The cards are boxed up and sent off to the Holiday Mail for Heroes program sponsored by the American Red Cross. The cards will be distributed at military bases across the country and overseas.

Ashley Jenovai put this project into motion since her husband has been deployed three times, leaving her and the three kids behind.

Here's what Ashley told KLTV:

“While he was gone I was balancing things and taking care of the home and he was just being our hero, so this is something that really, really touches my heart."

The cards had to be sent out today to make it to their destination in time for Christmas. In all, the kids sent around 700 cards.

Way to go students at J.L. Everhart school, for showing a great example of what Christmas is all about.