Three middle school students from Indiana have been suspended and it's causing a lot of controversy. The students face expulsion after seeing a topless photo of their teacher that she had accidentally synced to a classroom iPad. They are being punished, she is not.

The students were given permission from the teacher to play games and browse the iPad when the student who was handling the iPad hit a button that brought up the topless photo of the teacher. When the teacher was informed by what happened, she grew irate and called the police. Police are looking into the incident and are expected to release a statement today.

Two of the three boys have been suspended, while one has not. They were given a choice of being suspended for five days and then put on probation, which meant he would go to school from 7:30 to 10:25 a.m. each day. Or they could choose to be expelled for the semester.

Now comes the crazy part. While two of the three boys were reprimanded, the teacher has not been punished. The three boys saw and looked at the picture, but did not share it or show other students. They saw the picture and then got out of the application as soon as they realized what had happened. There aren't many middle schoolers who would do that. It is likely that the teacher had backed up all of her photos on her I-Phone and had them synced to the iPad. A school iPad, not her personal one. Yet she has not been punished.

The school gave two explanations for the punishment. At first they said the boys accessed the Internet, not even taken into consideration they had permission to do so. Then the school said that the boys were able to bring the iPad and the teacher’s iPhone in sync, with the photo actually being on the iPhone, which was actually the teachers doing not the students. The school will not comment on the situation, but have said the punishment will not be changed.

What do you think? Do you think that the school is being fair, or bias to the teacher? Do you think the teacher or students are at fault, or both?