Looking back, I wouldn't be surprised if most my teachers got loaded before coming in to work, we were animals. And substitutes, we gave them so much trouble I can't imagine how they ever came back for day two, let alone without tying one on. BUT that's why I'm not a teacher. Teachers are a different breed, often some of the best people in a community. Too bad one substitute teacher, Jacqueline J. Barnes, couldn't live up to that.

According to WUSA9.com,

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office authorities say substitute assistant teacher, Jaqueline J Barnes of Aldie, was charged for being drunk in public on the first day of school... School personnel told a school resource officer that a teacher had arrived at Stone Hill Middle School and appeared to be intoxicated...She never came in contact with any students.The spokesperson couldn't comment directly about Barnes being suspended or being banned from the property, but said in similar cases a substitute teacher is usually dropped from his or her role at the school.