An engineering review released today has found that the stage rigging that collapsed and killed seven people and injuring dozens of fans who were awaiting to see Sugarland perform during last summer's Indiana State Fair, wasn't built strong enough to meet state building codes. The Boot reports the Vice President of the Thronton Tomasetti engineering firm, Scott Nacheman, told the state fair commission that the metal rigging structure didn't meet requirements that it withstand wind gusts of 68 mph. The wind gusts that day reached an estimated 59 mph when the rigging collapsed.

Many lawsuits have been filed against Sugarland and the companies involved with building the stage. Band members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were scheduled to begin giving depositions about the collapse today in West Virginia.

In a Jan. 16 deposition on a lawsuit against the company that built the stage rigging, Indiana State Fair Commission Executive Director Cindy Hoye testified that Sugarland resisted delaying the start of the concert despite threatening weather.

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