It's been a sad day for any fan of Swamp People, the History Channel or just anyone who loves the strangeness of things that go on here in the south. When the news broke this morning that Mitchell Guist, one of the stars of Swamp People, died in an accident at his home in Louisiana, an outpouring of love and sadness has followed. To celebrate the life of Mitchell and his time on the show, let's look at some awesome moments he's had on the tube.

Mitchell and Glenn Guist are brothers who were among those featured on Swamp People, which follows a group of Cajuns in Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana who hunt alligators for a living. The duo even made a visit to East Texas in March during the East Texas Oil and Gas Expo.

Upon Mitchell's death, we saw a huge outpouring of love and appreciation for his time on the show, which definitely entertained quite a few of us around East Texas -- and, of course, the world.

And to add to our memories, here are some great moments of Mitchell (and his brother) on Swamp People:

Mitchell and Glenn Guist's Official 'Swamp People' Introduction

Mitchell and Glenn Guist Catfishing

Here's a cool tribute video full of pictures of Mitchell from 'Swamp People'

What was your favorite episode of Swamp People with Mitchell?