A private zoo in Dade, City Florida, Wild Things, allows folks to swim with tiger cubs! Yep, you've heard of swimming with dolphins, right? This summer in Gulf Shores, Alabama, my family and I got to play with a couple of Bengal Tiger cubs at a local zoo and it was the most awesome experience. It was so cool to us how similar the cubs were to our cats back home.  I must add that the experience we had with the tiger cubs, is part of a wildlife preserve program that raises funds and educates people about tigers- Marcan Tiger Preserve. 

Swimming with tiger cubs sounds dangerous, but it’s having great success from the customers. Some folks are coming  from as far away as Iceland lining up and paying $200 for just 30 minutes to cuddle, bottle feed and swim with "Tony" the tiger – a 6-week old Siberian tiger cub.

Randy Stearns, head animal trainer and president of Wild Things zoo says you can only interact with the tigers until they're 40 pounds. When full grown, Tony could weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

During the swim sessions, Stearns said she tries to educate about the importance of tigers. None of the animals are made to do things they don’t want to do.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago, where a company in Florida were having "Alligator Pool Parties." Just last week, they got shut down. Would you take a dip with a tiger cub? I probably would, but I would never let my young child. We found the tiger cubs we held and fed it the zoo in Alabama were just babies, but they could still scratch and nip at you!