Extrodinary Pets [VIDEO]
Most of you know I am an animal lover! Animals have this wonderful spirit to persevere in any situation. I marvel at their tenacity! I hope you enjoy these awesome videos! If you think you would like to welcome a homeless pet into your life, click here for information from Humane Society of East Tex…
Jay the Penguin Takes First Steps After Injury [VIDEO]
The good people at New Friends of Bushy Beach (NFOBB) in New Zealand care for and rehabilitate sick and injured penguins. When they took a yellow-eyed penguin named Jay under their wing, his foot was injured so badly they weren’t sure he’d even survive.
Mackie the Boston Terrier Loves Being Tickled [VIDEO]
As Della Reese once said in the 1996 Martin Lawrence classic of the same name, “It’s a thin line between love and hate.” Mackie the Boston Terrier clearly has some strong feeling about being tickled, but whether “Please sir, may I have another?” or “If you touch me again, I’m going to explode” is up…
Security Camera Catches Wild Deer Breaking Into Church [VIDEO]
Given how popular Santa and his reindeer are, you might not expect a deer dashing through a church to be such a big to-do. But security camera footage of a deer decking the crowded halls of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina has become such a sensation, it’s already made international n…
Meet Naki’o, the First Dog With Four Prosthetic Paws [VIDEO]
Abandoned as a puppy when his owners fled their foreclosed-upon Nebraska home, Naki’o lost all four of his paws to severe frostbite after stepping into a freezing puddle in the home’s abandoned basement. He was rescued, but forced to crawl on his belly to get around. Happily, new owner and veterinar…
Klepto Cat Steals More Than 600 Items From Neighbors
A San Mateo, California feline with a thing for material items has been found guilty of stealing his neighbor’s goods.
In fact, the cat’s stolen over 600 items from around the neighborhood, including stuffed animals, clothing, hats and shoes.
Baby Armadillo Gets Thirsty During Texas Drought [VIDEO]
With Texas experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years, most parts of the Lonestar State haven’t seen rain in months. It’s so dry, in fact, that one ordinarily shy baby armadillo came right up to this family’s walkway just to get a drink from their hose. With this adorable video racking up over…
Orangutan Rescues a Drowning Baby Chick in Heartwarming Video
A 12-year-old Bornean orangutan named Jorong became a viral sensation this week when video surfaced of him rescuing a seemingly injured moorhen chick from drowning in a pond inside his enclosure. The four-minute long, one-ape, one-leaf rescue effort took place at the Dublin Zoo in Ireland sometime b…
Dog Tries to Play Fetch With Lazy Twin Babies [VIDEO]
When this dog was a puppy, he was playing fetch like it was his birth right. Meanwhile, all these babies want to do is sit by the pool on their weak, underdeveloped muscles, sucking on their fingers like they’re covered in Similac. Come on babies, doggie wants to play!
Woman Mauled by Chimp Gets New Face
A Connecticut woman who was mauled by a 200-pound chimpanzee in 2009 underwent a face and hand transplant at a Boston hospital, hospital officials announced last week. WARNING: Post contains graphic images.

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