april fools day

April Fools Day Pranks
Though the workday is almost over, there is still plenty of time to pull some last minute pranks on your friends and family this year.
Best April Fool’s Jokes to Play on Your Significant Other
April Fools Day is just around the corner. This day is the perfect excuse to prank your loved one without getting in trouble. You can't get in trouble, it's April Fools! Okay, don't take my word on that. But you need to start planning your pranks now so that you can make sure you&apos…
7 Great April Fool’s Day Pranks on the Internet
It's April Fool's Day today (no, seriously!), which in recent years has morphed into God's gift to the Internet.
Today, sites everywhere are doing their best to prank unsuspecting users, and we'll be the first to admit that we've fallen for a few of them. (Thanks, Google!)
As such, we've pulled togeth…
April Fool’s Day Fun [PHOTOS]
Have you got your April Fools Day prank planned yet? This prank is very detailed, and takes a while to pull off, but the payoff is worth all the work. How do I know? Because it was done to me! It wasn't April Fools Day, but I can't think of a better day to plan it. More after the jump…