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Top 10 Patriotic Country Songs
Whether in times of war or peace, American anthems have been fan-favorite country songs for decades, and there are a slew of country tunes that proudly proclaim the beauty and benefits of the United States of America.
Big D and Bubba Host Their Wives on the Show Tomorrow Morning
A first for the Big D and Bubba show will happen tomorrow morning - the guys will host their wives on the show, yes their wives! I don't know if the guys have lost their minds or a bet, but this is gonna be fun! As long as we get some juicy scoop on the boys, I'll be happy.I
Billy Ray Cyrus Gifts Miley With $24K Gift for 21st Birthday
Billy Ray Cyrus has said again and again that his daughter, Miley Cyrus, will always be his little girl -- twerking and all. So when her 21st birthday rolled around on Nov. 23, he went all out on her birthday present, spending $24,000 on an extremely lavish surprise. Only the best for his daughter!

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