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Facebook About a Fallen Soldier, Not Sheen
There is a new viral campaign going around, where instead of writing about Charlie Sheen on your Facebook or Twitter account, you post a message honoring the soldiers who have died recently in Afghanistan.
Charlie Sheen and Mark Cuban to Team Up?
Could Charlie Sheen and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban be thinking about teaming up? According to ESPN, the two have been in talks about possibly developing some programming for HDNet, a TV channel owned by Cuban. About the potential partnership, Cuban said, “You’ve got somebody that everybody…
Charlie Sheen’s Super Bowl – Not So Super
The party's over for Charlie Sheen.
Super Bowl Sunday at the Sheen residence used to be a thing of legend, but not this year. Gone are the girls, the gambling and the booze. TMZ says the star just hung out with a few friends and watched the big game "without all the hubbub that usually …
Have Charlie Sheen’s Benders Finally Caught Up to Him?
The Two and a Half Men star was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Thursday) morning with severe abdominal pains. TMZ says he suffered a hernia, not an overdose.
Charlie was reportedly in the middle of a marathon bender with five women -- including two porn stars -- before he ended up in an ambulance …