Crazy Videos

Man Jumps Into Frozen Pool With Hilarious Results [VIDEO]
OK, there's nothing like watching a macho German guy that thinks he's too "cool." Well, he is cool in a way -- because the pool is frozen solid! I feel bad for him, but yet, it's funny too! Surely, he realized the pool was frozen, just not that frozen. Be advise…
Scary, Crazy Marriage Proposal! [VIDEO]
Girls just love to hear about people's marriage proposals - because we are girls, right? Where did he propose, how did he propose,  what did he say when he proposed, OMG let me see the ring...These are the questions we girls ask. But this is a marriage proposal like no other! WOW!
Motorcyclist Lives After Crazy Crash! [VIDEO]
This motorcyclist hits the back of a trailer and goes flying through the air! It's a miracle, but the rider suffered only a broken arm and leg after this violent crash. A helicopter airlifted him to a nearby hospital. CRAZY!