Britain’s Favorite Drunken Duck Sobers Up After Bar Fight
Star is an Indian Runner duck, never seen without his trademark bow-tie and, until recently, was often found at British pubs  (many of which had allocated him his own bar stool), sipping on ales and munching on bar food.
The celebrity duck is owned by Barrie Hayman, who has had Star since he hat…
New Study On Driving Drunk Or High
Okay here's a question for you guys - Is it more dangerous to drive drunk or high? I took a poll with my co-workers, at it was almost unanimous - drunk! Well that is the correct answer according to  new study that  suggests that legalizing medical marijuana reduces traffic fatalities.
What Caused Tim McGraw to Stop Drinking?
Tim and Faith have what to many may seem to be a storybook marriage, but according to an interview with AOL's The Boot, 3 years ago, Tim decided to put up the bottle when he realized he was starting to slur his words....while trying to text his wife...