Have You Tried Aerial Yoga?
A friend invited me to join her for a small private group class to try aerial yoga on Sunday. I was really intimidated and a little nervous, but now I'm glad that I went.
P90X3 is Kicking My Butt
Yesterday after work I set aside thirty minutes to attempt my first session of P90X3, and this morning at 6:30 I got in round two. Holy cow, it's intense!
Bodybuilder With Cerebral Palsy Inspires Others [VIDEO]
I absolutely love to share stories of inspiration. I'm so in awe of people who have the grit and determination to realize their goals and dreams, even when the odds are stacked against them. It makes me grateful for all of my blessings and gives me the push I sometimes need to strive for my dre…
5 Workouts You Haven’t Tried… Yet
Courtesy of
It’s easier to stick to a workout routine if you love it, and few guys love hitting the treadmill day after day. Whether you’ve resolved to make 2012 the year you finally get fit or are just looking for a new way to tone up, these innovative ex…
Bad Health And Fitness Advice From The Internet
The Web has so much information it could cause a "brain overload." Of course, not all the info online is good, but the rough stuff is usually easy to spot: The man communicating with you probably hasn’t been to Nigeria, almost certainly isn’t a princ…

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