Kelly Clarkson Slams Grammy Award Participants
Kelly Clarkson is nominated to win up to three Grammy's Sunday night but apparently she'd like to be someplace else than the Grammy Awards because she doesn't like going to award shows that feature a lot of pop artists.
New Language Developed Especially For Grammys
Sometimes the excitement of the Grammy Awards can get to even a seasoned pro like CBS2 Los Angeles' Serene Branson, who appears to be speaking an alien language in this post-Grammy live report. Some even speculated that she had a stroke. We hope she's OK...
The 5 Craziest Things That Have Happened at the GRAMMYS [VIDEOS]
Isn't it great how we can always count on a crazy person to do something crazy at the Grammys? And then all the media breathlessly covers it like they have never heard the words "publicity stunt"? Anyway, here are five crazy things that happened at the Grammys over the years..…