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My Top 10 Totally Awesome Texas Music Songs from 2012 [AUDIO]
You might be surprised to learn, but I don't listen to my iPod much. Or CD's for that matter. I spend a majority of my drive time bouncing between radio stations, and not the satellite kind. I've always loved just listening to radio, commercials and all. Having said that, I've compiled my Top 10 tot…
This Week in Texas + Red Dirt Tweets
Each week my good friend Rita Ballou takes the time to collect the wittiest, most topical and random tweets from the Texas scene. Then after she gathers them, I steal ‘em. So please reward my laziness by checking out This Week in Texas + Red Dirt Tweets.
The Best 15 Texas Country Songs from the Past 15 Years [VIDEO]
Trying to rank Red Dirt and Texas songs is something I've always wanted to do, but could never (in good conscience) take on. I honestly wouldn't want to deal with the hardcore blowback from all y'all ravenous fans.
Luckily, Kelly Dearmore from the Dallas Observer wasn't quite as w…
Brian Keane Talks His Controversial Song + New Single [AUDIO]
Even though you may not know his name, Brian Keane has definitely made an impact in the Texas Music scene. Keane was a founding member of the Band Of Heathens, and more recently, he was a member of the Randy Rogers Band. In between he co-wrote the 2009 Americana Song of the Year and saw his own debu…
Top 5 Old Musicans Actually Using Twitter
The Houston Press took the time to make the list, the least I could do is share it. My only problem with it (besides I haven't heard of all five) is Hayes Carll is on it. Hayes Carll is 36, that's not old.

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