Lower Gas Prices = More Traveling and More Gifts? [POLL]
Just about everyone is rejoicing with lower gas prices (except if you own a gas station). Prices have fallen considerably since the summer, when gas was around $3.39 to now $2.59 a gallon. I've even noticed a big change in the total at the pump when I go to fill up my truck and I appreciate it …
Perfect Holiday Candles
Christmas just seems like the time of year when candles should be lit all the time. I mean your house isn't festive if it doesn't smell like it, right?
East Texas Retailers Who Are Hiring This Holiday Season
People everywhere are also trying to find some ways to earn extra cash to buy Christmas presents this year. Well, it just so happens that Christmas season is the busiest season for retailers everywhere. Between Black Friday and all the Christmas shopping, retailers are going out of their way to hire…

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