Three Texans Cross The Atlantic… in a Rowboat!
They wanted a big challenge and they got it.  Three Texans decided to row 3200 miles across the Atlantic, and they were completely self-sufficient with food and other necessities along the way.  Would ya do this for seven weeks?
Southeast Texas Tornado Caught On Video
Tornado sirens whaled in Southeast Texas Monday morning as a line of strong storms moved through the Houston area. A tornado was caught on video of driver Austin Sheppeard as he and a co-worker were driving along an I-45 ramp just north of Houston.
What Homesick Candles For Texas Cities Would Smell Like
If you find yourself far away from the great state of Texas, there's a company called Homesick Candles that produces candles that will remind you of home. The version that they produce to represent Texas according to their website says that their candle has a "scent that includes a hin…

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