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JBMB ‘Beer for Breakfast’ Now a Spanish Line Dance
It may come as a surprise, but, by all accounts, there is a pretty big underground country music scene in Europe. It's so popular, many of our Texas / Red Dirt bands do headlining music festivals every year. Well, today JB and the Moonshine Band have a little bit of a better understanding of th…
JB and the Moonshine Band Debut ‘Yes’ Music Video
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Last Saturday JB and the Moonshine Band stopped by the show for the 10th time, for the official radio debut of a new single. Today the video for the single was released, and it does the rockin' song it's due.
Events in East Texas This Weekend
Tons of events, rodeos and festivals are happening this weekend in East Texas. If you can't find anything to do this weekend, you're not looking hard enough! This Father's Day grab dear old dad and check out all there is to offer right here in our backyards!
Why Texas Music Was Awesome in 2013
Seems like most everyone is bashing country music these days, and there's reason to. I heard  some legitimate reasons Why Country Music was Awful in 2013. And while calling people out for singing crappy songs serves a purpose, and may even serve to correct the ship -- you gotta admit, it&a…

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