Two Kids Have the Cutest Argument Ever [VIDEO]
Since the beginning of time, women and men have disagreed on pretty much everything. Arguments between the two seem to be a battle of wit and how desperately one wants to win the argument. This video shows two youngsters having at an argument that most adults even have nowadays.
[UPDATE] Police Remove Suspicious Device, Give ‘All-Clear’
Longview police and bomb squad experts have removed a suspicious device from a newspaper stand at an IHOP in Longview, and have declared the situation safe. Police say the bomb squad determined the device was part of the mechanical workings of the newspaper machine. All streets in the area, and both…
Husband Plays Mean Prank on Wife [VIDEO/POLL]
There are a lot of guys who don't use their brains, but check out this guy (who obviously doesn't have a brain) pull an awful prank on his poor wife. This guy should be punished -- nice and slow! I hope this guy realizes his sex life is over.

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