Bikers Rule 4 School 2012 [GALLERY]
The fourth edition of Bikers Rule 4 School, presented by Lone Star Harley Davidson and Metro PCS, was a fantastic success Saturday (July 21) in Tyler. Thank you to all who came out and rode, volunteered, worked and participated in this event that contributed school supplies to area school children t…
Caught on Video: Hockey Coach Trips 13-Year-Old Player [VIDEO]
He might've been trying to toughen the kid up, but I think it's safe to assume coach didn't like the way this opposing player played. Whatever the case, instead of talking with mom and dad he took matters into his on hands -- or in this case foot. A Canadian youth hockey coach was cau…
Man Shoots Self in Genitals, Then Gets Arrested
That's just great, you finally find the perfect illegal gun and you shoot yourself in the huevos. Well, at least he knows with the utmost certainty that this particularly illegally purchased gun, that he'd hope to re-sell (of course illegally) functions properly.
Actress Halle Berry Rushed to the Hospital After a Fall
Halle Berry was rushed to the hospital last night, after injuring herself in a fall, according to The  actress reportedly was shooting the film "The Hive" in Los Angeles when she took a fall at around 10:00 p.m. and hit her head on concrete.

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