Andy Griffith Dies at 86
Andy Griffith, an iconic figure on television for decades, died this morning at the age of 86. Griffith's death was reported by his close friend, Bill Friday, to WITN News in North Carolina. He reportedly died at his home.
Splash Kingdom Water Park — Your Guide to a Blast This Summer
When the 100-degree weather hits, nothing sounds better than getting out, cooling off and spending the day in the water. Since we obviously can't just decide we want to go spend the day at the beach, and going to the lake is only fun the first 13 times you go, what's left? Luckily for us, we're just…
Supreme Court Upholds ‘Obamacare’ [POLL]
The high court’s verdict on President Barack Obama's Affordable Health Care Act is in and the Supreme Court has upheld the law’s requirement that most Americans have health insurance -- and the decision was made as a tax.
Why Drugs Are Bad: Texas Man Arrested After Eating a Dog
A man from Waco who said he was high on the synthetic drug K2 was arrested after he chased a neighbor while on all-fours and eventually strangled and starting eating a family dog -- while it was ALIVE -- sparking yet another zombie-style discussion from recent events around the nation.

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