Songs That Pay Tribute to September 11 [VIDEO]
Following the 9/11 attacks, our country became unified in a way that had never been seen before. Everyone was in the dark and unsure of what was to come and people had lost hope. But in a time when there was so much chaos, there was one thing that brought everyone together: music. It doesn't matter …
2012 Election Day – Voter Information for Tyler
The 2012 election is bound to be the most important thing that happens in 2012. The race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is neck and neck and as Americans it is our job to put one of them in the White House. Here is important information you need to know about this upcoming election day.
Randy Jackson Leaves American Idol [POLL]
American Idol will be all-new,it seems, this year. Well, new in that the judges will all be new. According to TMZ, Randy Jackson has become the latest judge to leave the "American Idol" lineup. The singer/record producer was the last remaining member of the show's origina…

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