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Why Drugs Are Bad: Texas Man Arrested After Eating a Dog
A man from Waco who said he was high on the synthetic drug K2 was arrested after he chased a neighbor while on all-fours and eventually strangled and starting eating a family dog -- while it was ALIVE -- sparking yet another zombie-style discussion from recent events around the nation.
Tyler Kids Flocking to Boys and Girls Club
After reading more about the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Texas, I wish I was a kid again! It sounds like they’re learning some valuable life skills — even how to change a flat tire. That means 9-year olds who hang out at the Boys and Girls Club this summer, will come in handie…
Lower Gas Prices Mean More Travelers On The Road [POLL]
Gas prices here in East Texas were around $3.82 in mid-April and now two and a half months later prices have fallen around $0.70 here in East Texas.  Now, don’t get me wrong $3.15 a gallon is still on the high side for gas, but it’s cheaper than it was a couple of months ago and with lower gas price…

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