Should KNUE Play Kelly Clarkson’s New Song? [POLL] [AUDIO]
The first "American Idol"  winner was of course Texas girl, Kelly Clarkson. Kelly has gone on to be very successful and has definitely made her mark on the Pop charts, scoring more than a dozen Top 20 hits and selling millions of records.  But now the first "American Idol" winner…
Best Song About Trucks – Readers Poll
If there’s one thing that just screams country music, it’s a song about a big ol’ truck. Clearly, that’s why so many of the biggest names in the biz have laid their vocal stamp on tunes that describe oversized spinning wheels and extrem…
Sugarland Stage That Collapsed Did Not Meet Code [POLL]
An engineering review released today has found that the stage rigging that collapsed and killed seven people and injuring dozens of fans who were awaiting to see Sugarland perform during last summer's Indiana State Fair, wasn't built strong enough to meet state building codes.
Kirk Cameron Calls Gay Marriage ‘Unnatural’ [VIDEO/POLL]
"Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron, has  sparked a lot of backlash online and over the airwaves for comments he made to CNN's Piers Morgan over the weekend concerning  gay marriage. Of course, most of you know that Kirk is a devout Christian, but is this taking things…
Parents Would Rather Have a Boy Than a Girl: Poll
A recent Gallup poll of 1,020 adults shows that, if Americans could only have one child, they’d rather have a boy than a girl
According to the poll, published Thursday, 40 percent said they’d want to have a boy, while 28 percent said they’d rather have …
Are Working Women More Happily Married?
For years, traditional wisdom has held that when both halves of a couple works, they spend less time together and are thus less happy in their marriages.
A new study, however, seems to disprove that theory.
Mayo or Mircle Whip – We Asked You Answered!
The big debate is on "Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?" There are only two kinds of people -those who love Miracle Whip and those who don't -- It's like politics and religion. We noticed that everyone's comments were passionate when answering this age old question.