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Why Texas Music Was Awesome in 2013
Seems like most everyone is bashing country music these days, and there's reason to. I heard  some legitimate reasons Why Country Music was Awful in 2013. And while calling people out for singing crappy songs serves a purpose, and may even serve to correct the ship -- you gotta admit, it&a…
Randy Rogers Ties the Knot in Hawaii
Talk about a secret wedding. It took nearly two weeks for word to get out that Randy Rogers and his new bride Chelsea Cai Dowlearn tied the knot. Maybe everyone knew but you and me, it's no secret I'm not that great at this stuff. Here's the exclusive story from Country Weekly.
Wade Bowen Releases ‘Beat Me Down’ Video for Fans
Wade Bowen's 2012 project "The Given" has been a critical and commercial success. The first single "Saturday Night" became Bowen's first career Mediabase Top 40 single. The second "To Live is to Fly," a duet with Guy Clark, was hugely popular as well. Both were No. 1 si…
My Top 10 Totally Awesome Texas Music Songs from 2012 [AUDIO]
You might be surprised to learn, but I don't listen to my iPod much. Or CD's for that matter. I spend a majority of my drive time bouncing between radio stations, and not the satellite kind. I've always loved just listening to radio, commercials and all. Having said that, I've compiled my Top 10 tot…

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