Alternative Thanksgiving Dinners
Tired of the traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal? We found some recipes that are non-traditional, quick & easy and the plain not boring. We've got a few twists on the old stuffed bird that are both tasty and can be thrown together in a fraction of the time. We have alternative Thanksgivi…
Easy Melon and Ham Appetizer – Recipe
Got family or friends coming over and nothing to serve? Here's a delicious and easy snack that will definitely please the crowd, melon and ham starters. The mixture of the sweet melon with the salty ham, tangy lime and spicy cayenne is unique and has a surprising 'kick.'  Don't worry, this dish is  …
A Week of Delicious Dinners
Ladie's Home Journal has a week of easy, delicious meals to make your life easier! Get the recipes now at  Ladie's Home Journal.
Hey if it's simple and delicious, I'm in!
Want a New Idea for Butternut Squash?
Tis the season for winter squashes, but how do you prepare them without getting into a rut?
This recipe is a favorite of mine that I came up with on one of those “clean-out-the-refrigerator” days and has turned into something that I crave in the Winter and Fall and love to…
Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Warm Up With This Yummy Tortilla Soup!
When the weather turns cold, I turn to comfort food. Foods that are hot, cheesy and induce a 3-hour nap always fit the bill and make my Winter feel luxurious. This is the first recipe that I make every year when the weather gets cold. It’s perfect for weekends and tastes even better leftover. It is …
Fun Dough – Help You With Kids Being Bored
If you are in the house with kids who are bored as today was a snow day whip up a batch of Fun Dough.
If you have the patience left why don't you let them help you measure and stir? This can be a math lesson if you do it just right?
Warm Up With Grandma’s Chicken & Dumplings
With today's forecast of sleet and possible snow along with the temperatures dropping I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. My youngest son says to me with pleading eyes "PLEASE, lets have Chicken & Dumplings!".