roger creager

Roger Creager + Fans Set World Record
Texans know Roger Creager for his lively shows and good timin' music. Today the Guinness Book of World Records will know him as the man who orchestrated the largest river float, ever.
Roger Creager’s ‘Road Show’ Out Today (7/22)
Listening to Roger Creager's latest EP, Road Show, will have you thinking "now that's some fun summertime songs." And eclectic too. Creager obviously had his live show in mind with these. They're all gonna be don't-miss-live-in-concert-songs.
Rolling Stone Country’s Visit with Roger Creager
If you didn’t hear there is a new player in the country scene, with a name we all, all know. Last month Rolling Stone launched a country music version of their website, and it seems they’re taking an interest in Texas Music. First up was Wade Bowen, now it's Roge…

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