sara evans

KNUE Artist Spotlight: Sara Evans [VIDEO]
If Sara Evans' latest single, "Slow Me Down," is any indication of how good the music on her upcoming album of the same name is, then it's gonna be good. The March 11 release of "Slow Me Down" is two years after her LP "Stronger," which…
Sara Evans Opens Up About Scary Fan Situation
Sometimes when bad things happen, the only thing you can do is make light of them. At least, that's how Sara Evans chose to handle a recent situation in Biloxi, Miss., when a fan overstepped his boundaries and left the country singer feeling flustered.
Sara Evans Outraged by Controversial Time Magazine Cover
Very few who’ve seen the controversial cover of this week’s issue of Time Magazine walk away without an opinion, and country star Sara Evans is no different. She is one of two female vocalists outraged by the photo, which shows a three-year-old boy standing on a chair…

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