Lights Flash Once Again In East Texas School Zones
The summer of 2014 has officially come to an end for East Texas students. The ringing of the morning bell signifies the start of the new school year. With the kids going back to school, the school zone lights that have been off for the last three months have suddenly started blinking using their amb…
Finals Week Study Tips
It's that time of year again for students. Sweet summertime is just around the corner and vacations are so close you can almost taste them. Except there is still one little barrier...finals week.
Are Prom Dresses Too Revealing and Sexy? [POLL]
After an arduous search and trying every dress in East Texas, we finally found the perfect  prom dress for my daughter, Chloe! Whew, I thought we would never find the dress. It wasn't because there weren't enough dresses to choose from. It was the fact that the dresses were, well, not…
Fierce Spelling Bee Battle Runs Out of Words [VIDEO]
This past Saturday, two students from Missouri went 66 rounds in a spelling bee that had to be called because organizers ran out of words. No, really! These kids were the last two standing after 19 rounds at the Jackson County Spelling Bee at the Kansas City Public Library’s Plaza Br…
East Texas School Delays + Closings For Wednesday, February 12th
It appears as if East Texas isn't getting spared when it comes to the wintry mix. Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow are expected this afternoon through this evening and will most definitely be causing problems tomorrow morning. Some school districts are making decisions now to either delay the sta…
East Texas School Delays + Closings
It appears as if Punxsutawney Phil's prediction is coming true from Groundhog Day, East Texas is once again experiencing cold weather and with that winter precipitation too and threatening to delay or cancel classes on Tuesday.

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