Humans Could Inhabit Mars By 2023 [VIDEO]
Would you live on Mars if you had the chance? Well that chance might actually happen in the near future. A Dutch space company, Mars One, has unveiled their secret plan to have humans living on the red planet by 2023.
Genetically Modified Rice Can Be Used in Lieu of Human Blood
Scientists have found a way to genetically modify rice as a replacement for human blood. The idea is to extract a protein containing human genes that could then be used in lieu of actual blood to help burn victims and those who’ve suffered massive blood loss.
It’s seen as a viable solution to shortag…
Shrinking Funds Shut Down Alien Search Institute
Since 2007, astronomers at the SETI Institute in Northern California have been scanning the great beyond for signs of alien life.
However, due to a decrease in the funding the institute receives from NASA and other government sources, the institute will have to shut down the powerful bank of 42 radi…

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