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Shooter Jennings Announces Fall Tour Dates
The recently married country outlaw Shooter Jennings, the son of Waylon Jennings, isn't lapsing into any sort of honeymoon period. He's back to work and will hit the road with Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band for a co-headline tour this fall.
New Country Music Releases – March 2012
As it begins to heat up outside and the snow and ice turn to green grass and fresh blooms, artists will churn out new country music releases for March 2012 faster than you can say “bring on spring break!”
“Hey Pretty Boy In The Baseball Hat…” [VIDEO]
"...You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat" 
-- WHOA! Shooter Jennings new song 'Outlaw You' leaves no one wondering where he stands on the "new" "Outlaw Country".  Thank you Rita Ballou at RawhideAndV…