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Study Finds Decreased Social Media Use Among Many Younger People
A study by technology research firm Gartner, which recently surveyed 6,295 people between the ages of 13 and 74, reveals almost a quarter of 18- to 29-year-olds use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter less than when they first signed up for the services, with many saying the services s…
The Google+ Project Takes Aim at Facebook [VIDEO]
After several prior failed attempts to challenge social media behemoth Facebook, Google introduced a new service on Tuesday that it hopes will finally do the trick.
Called the Google+ project, it’s currently only available to a select group of Google users — they’ll soon be able to invite others — an…
Facebook = Big Brother?
Did you know that people are STUPID enough to engage in criminal activity AND keep an
Aup-to-date FaceBook account? Really kids -- if you are gonna be DUMB at least be smart! Don't live your life out loud on FaceBook -- come on I feel like your momma now! The video after the jump shows you ho…
Facebook Stepping In To Stop Bullying
Facebook is hosting an online summit with President Obama and the First Lady to find ways to stop and prevent bullying. If you would like to participate in this landmark forum it is at 11am today.
Yesterday the Obamas reached out via facebook to announce their role and point of view on this topic --…
My Facebook Surrogate
Do you like Facebook but hate how much time it takes out of your life?
After updating your status, commenting on your friends' statuses, Farmville and "liking" this and that, you barely have enough time to sleep -- read more after the jump.

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