Summer 2013

The Best Country Songs of Summer 2013
Summer is a great time to kick back, play in the sun and hang out with friends. Summer is a little like country music! There are so many awesome songs that represent summer, and here are just of few of our picks at KNUE. Enjoy!
5 Must-Haves For Your Summer Days at the Lake
Summer is officially upon us, and people are looking for more and more ways to get outdoors. Since we don't have beaches here in East Texas, lakes are a very popular place for locals to get outdoors. If you're looking to get out to the lake for some sun, swimming, fishing, boating, or anyt…
Sunburn Healing Tips
Ahh, Memorial Day ... the weekend everyone decides it's about time to head out to the lake or pool and get to work on their tan. Sometimes those tans end up being sunburns, and we all know being as red as a lobster isn't much fun.