These Stores Have the Cheapest Halloween Candy
Ten bucks on a few bags of Halloween candy? Scary. The next thing we know we've spent fifty bucks or more prepping for trick-or-treaters, and (let's be honest), because we want to hold back a stash for ourselves. It happens.
Stuff A Bus Food Drive in Longview
Christmas time brings out the best in East Texans, because we support various charities by giving money, volunteering, donating gifts and food. In spite of all that we do to help out, sadly to say, there's always someone else in need.
Flu Shot Season
As the weather is getting cooler and East Texas transitions from summer to something like fall, it's the perfect time to make sure that you and your family get flu shots.
Study Finds Target Is Cheaper Than Walmart
If you’re a Walmart shopper because you’re cost-conscious, it may be time to switch your allegiances — turns out Target is now cheaper, and the pricing gap between the two mega-stores is the widest it’s been in two years.
Breastfeeding ‘Sit-In’ At Target [VIDEO]
The water-cooler chatter today will most likely be the nursing incident at a Target store in Houston, Texas. Last month at a Webster, Texas Target store, Michelle Hickman began nursing her fussy, hungry infant son in the store's women's clothing section. Hickman said that eight Target employees eve…
Who Is The Crazy Target Lady? [VIDEO]
You've seen Target's hilarious thirty second commercials on television and probably wondered to yourself -- "Who is the crazy Target lady?" -- Or maybe not, but we did. So we did some research and found out that there is so much more to the crazy Target lady than meets th…