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Get Ready For The Taylor Swift Media Blitz Next Week
Taylor Swift is ready to deliver us another album full of songs about heartbreak and bad break ups with her past boyfriends.  The new album is called Red and it will be released on Tuesday of next week and with that comes the Taylor Swift media blitz.
Mother Speaks on Taylor Swift’s Song About Her Son [VIDEO]
Country star Taylor Swift debuted her song "Ronan" on Stand Up 2 Cancer 2012 telethon last week. Taylor Swift had heard about 3-year-old Ronan, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2010, when his mother, Maya Thompson, started a blog to document his difficult jour…
Real Aggie Men Lip Sync to Taylor Swift [VIDEO]
I can't lie, this is funny. It doesn't even bother me these dudes know every word to a T-Swizzle song that's been out what? A couple weeks. Or that they choreographed a car-dance to it. Really all that bothers me is I'm not sure if they pulled over or not to do it. Looks like not. Check it out, I've…

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