Hilarious Examples of Why You Shouldn’t Text and Walk [VIDEO]
Texting and walking has become somewhat of a bad habit to everyone who has access to a cell phone. You've done it, I've done it, and so has everyone else. There is no denying it. And chances are you've run into something or someone, tripped, or made some type of fool of yourself while doing so. And …
NTSB Recommends Ban On Cell Phone Use [VIDEO]
A story released today says that the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that states ban the use of cell phones and all other electronic devices while driving. There would be an exception to this ban in only emergency situations.
Kilgore Vote Agaist Banning ‘Texing While Driving’
Last week Governor, Rick Perry vetoed a "Texting While Driving" ban. But East Texan communities are taking action on this very danger practice. Months ago Kilgore City Council had been discussing passing their own ban but were waiting to see what measures the state took. More aft…
Girl Falls While Texting [VIDEO]
We know how dangerous driving while texting can be, but walking and texting can be just as dangerous. In fact, you could drown ... in a mall. Gawker-TV brings us Girl Falls in a Fountain While Texting and she is now on her way to becoming more internet famous than Ted Williams: The Man With the Gold…
What Caused Tim McGraw to Stop Drinking?
Tim and Faith have what to many may seem to be a storybook marriage, but according to an interview with AOL's The Boot, 3 years ago, Tim decided to put up the bottle when he realized he was starting to slur his words....while trying to text his wife...
Kilgore To Ban Texting While Driving?
The city of Kilgore City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a ban on texting-while-driving inside the city limits.
Under the ordinance, dialing and talking while driving would still be okay.