What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie? [POLL]
Here at the radio station yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the entire staff, everything was prepared by someone from the station and was great - from the turkey and dressing to the mashed potatoes, greens, corn and rolls - it was all great.  However, what I think stole the show was the…
Fun Facts About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
The 86th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is set to air on CBS this Thanksgiving Day. The parade has become somewhat of a staple for families across the country. All of the amazing balloons, floats, and performances bring in millions of viewers each year to celebrate Thanksgiving. There ar…
Holiday Foods That We Should Try To Avoid
With Thanksgiving just days away, everyone is getting ready for their Thanksgiving meal. My job today is to swing by Greenberg and pick up a turkey. I did my shopping at the grocery store yesterday, loading up on cornbread for the dressing, eggs for those delicious deviled eggs, green beans and the …
Turkey: Smoked, Oven Roasted or Fried? [POLL]
With Thanksgiving coming up Thursday, the annual radio station Thanksgiving lunch with the staff and family is coming up tomorrow afternoon and of course the main dish at the luncheon will be turkey. But how that turkey gets prepared for us was up for a great debate!
We Consume HOW Many Calories at Thanksgiving?
The season of eating continues this week.
We stuffed our faces full of candy at Halloween, and now it's on to the big Thanksgiving meal. This Thursday we'll sit around the TV watching the Cowboys' game and graze all day on turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and of course that green bean casserole wit…
Favorite Holiday Movies — Amy’s Top 9 [VIDEO]
With Thanksgiving around the corner, that means the holiday movies are coming. I love holiday movies, and yes, I watch the same holiday flicks year after year! Someone asked me why I watch holiday movies when I know what happens in each movie. I say, "That's the point!"
Thanksgiving Brings Travel and Health Hazards
In a week many Americans will be joining their families at the over-stuffed and over-sized dinner table celebrating Thanksgiving with a feast of food and sharing many memories of years past and what's happened to them over the last year and then either watching football or playing board games a…

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