the rankin twins

A New Week, a New No. 1 — The Top 10 Songs in Texas [VIDEO]
Time once again to check out the Texas Regional Radio Report‘s list of the biggest songs in Texas. Could Reckless Kelly do what everyone seems to be lately having a hard time doing? Stay at No. 1 for two consecutive weeks. Or were Wade Bowen, Whiskey Myers or Cody Johnson able to knock them o…
Rita Ballou’s ‘Dirt’ is on Radio Texas Live
Rita Ballou joins The RTX Crew (that rhymes) each week to bring us all the Dirt in Texas and Red Dirt Music. She tends to ruffle feathers but that’s only because people are paying attention.  And do not forget besides being a blogger she is also a true fan of good music so take …
The Rankin Twins On Radio Texas Live This Week [VIDEO]
They're blonde, they're bubbly and they're identical twin sisters, they are The Rankin Twins and they're coming to Radio Texas Live this Saturday.  April and Amy Rankin are hitting the road hard and playing big shows with guys like Josh Abbott, Cory Morrow and Fred Andrews.