Teen Fakes Abduction on Twitter, Then Runs Away
"Life's a game, you can either play it or sit on the sidelines." This is the quote 16 year old Kara Alongi has broadcast on her Twitter. On Sunday, Alongi stuck to that and started her own game: it's called "Tweeting Wolf." Alongi used hers to tweet a supposed break in and abduct…
This Week in Texas Music Tweets
Our good friend Rita Ballou takes the time to collect the wittiest, most topical and sometimes very random tweets each week from the Texas scene. Then, after she gathers them up, I steal 'em. And that takes us to right up, to right here. Check out "This Week in Texas Music Tweets," includi…
Chris Brown Fires Back at Miranda Lambert over Criticism
Another day, another Chris Brown Twitter drama. Country singer Miranda Lambert lambasted Brown and the Grammys for allowing him to perform in light of his assault on Rihanna in 2009. She continued her verbal and PR assault on Brown at one of her concerts. While Brown was relatively quiet in regards …
Lauren Alaina Lashes Out at Hotel on Twitter
Lauren Alaina has joined a growing list of country artists using Twitter to voice their displeasure with businesses. Yesterday, the 17-year-old ran into trouble with a hotel that made her and her posse wait for a cab in the cold.

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