Paranormal Conference Coming To Tyler
There is a huge fascination with the unknown and unexplained, whether its ghost hunting, bigfoot tracking or UFO sightings, these paranormal activities have made their way into mainstream society and is part of our pop culture thanks to TV shows on Discovery, A&E, TruTV and SyFy. Tyler'…
Was a UFO Spotted Over East Texas?
It's not a bird, it's not a plane and it's definitely not Superman -- it's a UFO. What was that in the sky yesterday in Jacksonville? This image appeared on Google Maps when when someone Googled Jacksonville, Texas.
UFO Discovered Near The Planet Mercury [VIDEO]
This seems to be the week for "outer space." First NASA discovered a planet much like earth, and now theorists have images form the "coronal mass ejection" suggestive of some sort of alien life. Could there be  a giant, cloaked spaceship orbiting around Mercury? That's been the …
Proof UFO’s Exist [VIDEO]
From ET calling home to Mars Attacks the under lying questions that mankind wants an answer to are:  Do you think we are the only "living" planet?  Do you think that we are sharing the universe with others?
This video after the jump which was captured by NASA really makes …