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Top 5 Music Videos of 2013
It has been quite the year for music videos in our scene -- from claymation to animation, short films and videos for a cause -- Texas Music has picked up some serious speed for high-quality videos.
Needless to say, artists have their work cut out for 'em in 2014 to keep up with the pace...
Top 5: The Most Underrated Artists in Texas Music
During the unsettling discussion about the evolution of country music, Tom Petty made an excellent point during an interview with Rolling Stone:
“I hate to generalize on a whole genre of music, but it does seem to be missing that magic element that it used to have...
The East Texas All-Star Showcase is Back!
That is right, folks. The East Texas All-Star Showcase is back this Saturday. This is an annual event right here in East Texas that brings out the best of what East Texas has to offer. Do not miss this amazing event.
Congratulations to Our Uncle Lucius KNUE Front Porch Winners!
Uncle Lucius is will be stopping by the KNUE studios tomorrow Thursday (Feb. 7) to put on an acoustic show. To say these guys are amazing would be like saying Albert Einstein was a smart fella, or Michael Jordan was good at basketball -- it's an understatement is what I'm getting at.

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