valentine's day

Woman Buys Ad Space to Dump Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day
Whether you're stuck trying to figure out an original way to be romantic or lamenting the fact you don't have a sweetheart, Valentine's Day definitely isn't all chocolate and good feelings.
But no matter your February 14th gripe, you are still probably having a better Va…
Blake Shelton Thinks Valentine’s Day Sucks
Not everyone loves the Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day -- especially those who are single and unattached. Even though Blake Shelton is married to one of the most beautiful and most desirable women in country music (Miranda Lambert, of course), you still won't find him cheerleading the holi…
Lawyer Offering Free Divorce … on Valentine’s Day
How does a free divorce sound for Valentine'sDay ? Well, attorney Walter H. Bentley III of Southfield, Mich., is giving one of his clients just that --  a free Valentine's Day divorce. He got the idea from a student in his night school class he teaches.
Our Top 10 Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day [VIDEO]
Valentine's Day is just three days away and if you haven't started planning, it's crunch time. Valentine's Day isn't about going out and spending a bunch of money; it's about spending time with the person you love and showing them you care. Sometimes all it takes is dinner and a movie at home. This …

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