Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79 [VIDEO]
Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who for decades captivated audiences with her beauty and talent, died Wednesday in Los Angeles of congestive heart failure, the AP has confirmed. She was 79.
The British-born actress, who appeared in over 50 films throughout her illustrious career, rose to fame as …
Spider Checkers Herself Out [VIDEO]
<embed src="" allowScriptAccess="always" flashvars="id1=81196418"  wmode="transparent" width="567" height="345" allowfullscreen="true&…
NCAA Tournament Cheerleaders Preview [PHOTOS]
When you are watching the NCAA Tournament this month, expect to see many shots of cheerleaders, particularly during timeouts. And why not? These young (mostly) ladies are athletes in their own right, and add a lot to the ambiance. Here's a preview of the cheerleading squads that will be represe…
Brad Attends Fan’s Heart Touching Memorial
Brad Paisley fulfilled the wish of a woman who'd recently passed away by showing up at a party in her honor.
Allison Greene was hoping to throw a big celebration and have Brad Paisley be the entertainment when she beat cancer, but the young mother died last week.
So her friends created a video about t…
7 Adorable Puppies Chasing Ice Cubes [VIDEOS]
Move aside, cats on Roombas: puppies chasing ice cubes might be our favorite new category of animal videos. When these pups mistake slippery ice for skittering critters, a showdown (and a whole lotta adorable) ensues.
Check out these clips of dogs facing off against ice cubes:
Funniest Videos Ever Seen
Need to laugh -- can't help but at the very least smile when you watch these clips of people's pain. OUCH -- the kung foo guy trying to catch that big poll. But my favorite is the dad who is helping his kid at the water park and ends up taking a header...